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Editorial Afterword

All-Russian Scientific Conference with International Participation

Geodynamics and Stress State of the Earth’s Interior (GSSEI 2019)

30th September — 4th October, Novosibirsk, Russia

The GSSEI 2019 conference has been hosted by the Chinakal Institute of Mining, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, with the financial support provided by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Institute.

The scope of the Conference has embraced a broad range of research findings in a variety of fields of science and technology, including:

  • Experimental methods and instrumentation for monitoring and testing of stresses, strains, gas dynamic behavior, physical and mechanical properties and fracture mechanisms in rocks;
  • Mathematical modeling of rock mass and induced processes in the vicinity of underground openings. Digital geomechanics;
  • Theory and practice of ground control: rock mass treatment, rockburst/coal and gas outburst/manmade disaster prevention, industrial safety and environmental protection.

The Conference has been attended by well-known theoreticians and practitioners in mining science and engineering from Russia, Germany, Belarus and the Kyrgyz Republic. The participants enjoyed the opportunity to discuss the basic and applied issues of geomechanics and geodynamics with a peculiar emphasis laid on effective mineral resources management as the near-term strategy of Russia.

The Conference speakers addressed:
                 — Geomechanics, geodynamics and mining-induced processes in rock mass;
                 — Stress–strain redistribution versus scale of mining and parameters of geotechnologies;
                 — Mathematical modeling of continuum and blocky media to reveal the rock mass behavior under loading;
                 — Geomechanical survey in metal, coal, salt and diamond deposits;
                 — Development and improvement of stress determination methods and instrumentation with special attention paid to geomechanical monitoring;
                 — Common challenges facing the mining sector.

The fruitful discussion of current concerns in practice and research in mining has revealed some key issues to be handled promptly, namely:

  • The scarce attention to rockburst hazard assessment and prediction in underground mines, outdated slope stability control in deep open pit mines;
  • The lack of physical modeling of the rock mass behavior under loading;
  • The stale standards and regulations available for lab-scale testing of rocks, impaired quality of laboratory studies at universities and in a production environment;
  • The lack of the interest in reliability of source data on stresses and properties of rock mass, which are used in verification of computer-aided models;
  • The insufficient communication between research, education and production, particularly, in joint R&D activities.

Toward enhanced safety and efficiency of surface/underground mining, utilization of available scientific potential, and stimulation of mining science to contribute more effectively to the industry, the Conference has finally produced some recommendations as follows:

  • to promote studies concerned with deeper level geomechanics;
  • to encourage R&D activities toward safe and efficient coal seam gas drainage and hydrocarbon extraction;
  • to stimulate basic and applied research in the field of geomechanical modeling of rock mass with an emphasis laid on potential utilization of the results;
  • to put the spotlight on experimentation and testing aimed to determine deformation properties of rocks under loading;
  • to focus on development and validation of new technologies for mining to be eco-friendly, safe and efficient, with mine personnel comfort under increasingly difficult geological conditions;
  • to foster joint R&D activities between academic institutions and industry;
  • to invoke updating of standards and legal regulations in the field of subsoil management;
  • to focus on skill development of personnel engaged in rockburst prediction and prevention.

We strongly hope the outcomes of the Conference will facilitate solutions and assist their implementation in the area of safe and efficient mineral mining toward sustainable development of the mineral sector in Russia.

Mikhail V. Kurlenya
Conference Chair
Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences






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